Branding and Corporate Identity

Your brand is a key element of your business. It passes on sensations and emotions that talk about your business’ values, philosophy and purpose, and it helps your company stand out and be seen.

At Maldon, we partner with you to initiate research processes in order to create a unique, consistent and attractive corporate identity for your business, developing styles, colours, fonts and forms. To do that, we work hard on finding the image that best shows the public what your company is about, the image that invites your customers to interact with you and that transmits a solid and accessible perception of your business.

We deliver an exclusive corporate identity manual that contains the guidelines that makes your brand consistent, guiding you on how to adapt it to the different media where it will be represented, developing different versions of your logo and their adaptations to corporate stationery, administrative documents, email signatures, web design, social media, merchandising or outdoor advertising.

At Maldon we create designs that get your company’s image across in an attractive manner, as a fundamental part of its corporate image.