Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Once your website has gained an audience, we need to focus on incrementing sales. Being able to increase the conversion rate (sales) means multiplying benefits.

In order to raise the conversion rate, we combine the use of technology with information about the user’s behaviour. The process we use to improve your sales is: 

  • Research: We analyze your website focusing on how the users interact with it. Technically, we focus on its performance and internal processes. Ultimately, we check what aspects can be optimized in order to improve the user experience and increase sales.
  • Estrategy:  After doing our research, we work on different recommendations with a view to improve and plan for their execution.
  • Implementation and control: We execute the recommendations using optimization techniques like A/B testing, landing pages optimization and improvements (improving upload speed, for instance). We measure every action in order to see the evolution and develop new improvement actions to raise the conversion rate.