Search Advertisement (Adwords)

At  Maldon we can help you increase your sales through search advertisement campaigns (adwords) for less. We are experts in creating and optimizing Adwords campaigns to get sales and leads with the lowest CPC (cost per click). You can pay only for the searches that really bring to the business.

Our team, certified by Google, will design your campaign from the keyword research until the landing pages measurement and optimization to be able to optimize the results.

  • Initial consultation to make sure that adwords is the right option for you.
  • International adwords campaigns in different languages.
  • Campaign segmentation based on interests, behaviour and user demographics.
  • Campaigns optimization to maximize the quality score and reduce the cost per clic.
  • Continous measurement of the results for a consistent improvement of the campaigns (creativeness, keywords)

Reasons to choose Maldon as your SEM agency:

  • Years of experience managing national and international adwords campaigns.
  • Google certified professionals for the management of campaigns.
  • All-round service of online ads, includying the analysis, configuration, management and optimization of your campaigns with Google Analytics.
  • We can help you improve the generation of contacts and sales with the design of specific pages for each campaign.
  • We are also specialized in the creation of display campaigns.
  • We don’t require a minimum budget for the ads campaign. We can assess you on the amount that we think would be most helpful to generate sales but the decision is entirely yours.
  • Your campaign from 100 euros per month and you have no commitment to stay.