Search Engine Positioning (SEO)

When you are a shop owner, you want your store to be visible and located in a good area with lots of passers-by. The same happens with an online business. Your business’ location is key, which is why we work hard, through search engine positioning so that your website appears in the first pages of search results.

A correct SEO (organic positioning) can make your potential customers find you on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines before they find your competition.

For that, Maldon has a comprehensive approach that combines positioning strategies with content marketing, social media and landing pages optimization. Using this approach we make sure that we comply with the continous changes introduced by the search engines, getting your business always on top of the search results, as well as positioning it on search engines that deliver the highest number possible of conversions and results.

We’ve been executing national and international SEO strategies from our Málaga offices for the last 10 years, assuring a total investment return (ROI) in each campaign.

We work on search engine optimization projects on a national and international level and also in different languages.